Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Travelers

Travelers apps for iPhone and iPad

We have reviewed and collected some best apps for iPhone and iPad users which can serve you better during your journey, or Traveling.


TripIt is a fabulous app for the Travelers, you can say this is app for the the travel lovers who always dreams of traveling around the world. To travel you always planning for a specific area, like Hotel reservations, Flight information etc. TripIt is perfect companion for your Trips.TripIt also provides Premium Subscriptions 49$/Year.


Download Triplt for iPhone and iPad here

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is awarded as the #1 Travel App in the US. That why I add up this on my list of Best Travel Apps for iPhone and iPad. This app has been consistently awarded for three years 2010-2011-2012. Well if you are planning to Travel on your holidays seasons then Packing Pro might be the best choice for you, which helps to organize and not to forget about your Basic Travel Packing necessities.

Travel App for iPad&iPhone

Features of Packing Pro

  • Full iCloud Support
  • 800 Masters catalog
  • Import and export csv files
  • Enables you to customize your App Design

Download Packing Pro for iPhone and iPad here


AirPorts is a Free Travel App, which lets you navigate your desire Airports in specific area. Finding Airports is always stressful and confusing when you are in another country. Through AirPorts App you can your Flight information and get all the information. This also has the ability to give you full layout maps view of all the major airports in the world. Hope so this app helps you to get to your destination without any confusion and delay.

Travel App for iPad

Download AirPorts for iPhone and iPad here

Travel Channel

Travel Channel is also one the best free Travel App for iOS users.Which is very useful while traveling around the world. This is really useful to explore great places to eat, drink and adventures cities around the world.

Travel Channel App for iPad

Downlaod Travel Channel for iPhone and iPad here

Hotel Tonight

Again this is a free app to have fun during your trip. This app will help you to see hotels around your area with beautiful featured photos and complete info about the hotel rates and much more, which also includes booking service.

Hotels Tonight App for iPad

Download Hotel Tonight for iPhone and iPad here

That’s it guys, I hope that you’ve found you favorite app from list! Do let us know if you do have any other alternatives.