5 Best Free Apps to Password-Protect Apps on Android

Every time you slip your phone out of its case, you are holding a heavy amount of personal data ready to be theft or lost .It’s an indicator of how serious the security of a smart phone has become .Android OS allows its users to protect their smart phones through entering PIN or pass code. Many users find it difficult to enter passwords again and again and find it very inconvenient. Because of this inconvenience we risk our data getting into wrong hands. What if we could just password protect our sensitive data by having specific apps locked such as Gmail, Viber etc? Thanks to Google Play Store which contains some useful and handy apps to password protect specific apps not the entire device. We’ve compiled an App List of the best apps from this category.

1. AppLock

AppLock as the name explains itself is the best password protecting app for android user. Simple, easy and strong application locking tool in an android device which helps you protect specific apps with a pattern or pass code. You can customize the authentication screen with a background of your choice and downloadable themes from the Play Store. Additionally you can secure your incoming calls, messages, gallery, viber, whats app, messenger etc.

In addition the app gives you features like Photo Vault, Video Vault , Themes, Covers etc. The basic version does not compile of such features but if you wish to use these features then you will have to opt for ad-enabled version. If ads bother you , simply upgrade to premium which will help you block ads with just a little amount which can cost you $0.9 per month or $3 per year.

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2. Smart App Protector

Smart as the name defines is an app very efficient with protecting your personals. This app is unlikely same as applock but with various advance features. The most striking feature of this app is OBSERVER MODE, which helps you catch the intruder, as on failed attempts of unlocking the app, front camera takes snap shots of intruder.

The locking mode can be pass code, pattern lock or gestures. Remote control and customizable themes are other features of this app. This application comes in free apps in Google Play Store. This app contains advertisements, to disable these ads you will need to purchase ad free version for $2.73 or subscribe for a yearly payment of $1.79. Suit yourself with an appropriate package.

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3.Perfect App Protector

The perfect app protector comes with various other useful features including fake fingerprint scanner, fake error pop-ups, screen filter and rotation lock. The fake finger print scanner acts as a fake screen to protect the actual lock screen from intruders. You just have to scan your finger and slide the screen to enter pass code. Fake Pop up Displays fake error message when locked app is launched. The rotation lock helps prevent unwanted screen rotation on each app. And the screen filter helps the fixation of brightness for each app.

The best part of this app is Stealth Mode in which the app hides itself from the launcher. Another interesting feature is anti force removal through which it adds itself to device admin from preventing it to delete. Same as other apps it does contain a paid version and an ad free version.

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4. Visidon Applock

Visidon applock is a different app from the above ones. This app is helps you unlock your apps through face recognition. It the face recognition fails than you can access your app by giving an alternate pass code. To prevent face recognition failure you can give at least four or five angles of your face scans to the app. The app can also be added to device admin through setting from preventing it to delete. Unlike other apps it comes with a paid version too. The paid version comes with additional features like add blocking, multiple locking methods etc.

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5. Smart Lock Free

This app has its own way of protecting your personal data dividing it into 3 categories: Apps, Media and Contacts. The contact category is not in a working field but will be released soon. The apps bar will show all your installed apps to be protected and in media bar you will be able to secure you images, videos and music of your smart phone. The smart lock can be added to device administration for more security from preventing others to uninstall it. For and add free version the user will have to purchase the add free full version.

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